My Experience

In the summer of 2000, I had various symptoms (extreme fatigue, jaundice, itching, weight loss, and diarrhea) for months. Finally diagnosed on September 5, 2000 with bile duct cancer, I was given 3-6 months to live. Doctors at my local hospital in Evansville, Indiana diagnosed me and referred me to Indiana University (IU) Hospital.

Indiana University Hospital

On my 45th birthday, IU doctors opened me up for resection (which basically means that they would cut the cancer out), only to find that I was unresectable (which means that the cancer was located in areas that I could not live without). At the IU Hospital, doctors stated that I needed a liver transplant to live but would never get one for this disease.

IU Hospital is a teaching hospital; I awoke everyday with six or seven students and a doctor looking at me. I was assigned one student, but it apparently wasn’t in the IU protocol for anyone to research out new procedures or advances on the internet. I was in fact given external stents and pain medication and sent home to die from the IU Hospital.

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